Storyboard members exhibition

02 Sep 2022  -  01 Oct 2022


Storyboard is commonly used in comic drawings and in film. A scene or an idea is worked out over a series of captions giving the viewer an idea of the narrative. In terms of our exhibition it is giving the viewers and idea of what the artists practice is about by displaying their work in this format.

What does ‘Storyboard’ mean for our member artists?

The theme ‘Storyboard’ fits into all art practices. This member’s exhibition gives the artist an opportunity to present their work as a ‘body’. It is valuable in terms of future prospects of working towards a solo exhibition. Solo exhibitions are generally a series of work displaying an ‘idea’ the artist has had, and presenting a ‘body’ of works representing this idea.

Our exhibition ‘Storyboard’ is just that, but on a much smaller scale. It is a good way to see the artists work in a series.










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