Main Gallery ‘The Artwork of Matariki’
From symbolic reference to star clusters, cultural reference to the seven sisters, and social reference of coming together and planning for a new year ahead. Matariki encompasses a range of meaningful allegories that can be interpreted through any individual art practice.

Media room Gallery ‘Installation of Stars’
Artists have participated in Jo Dixey’s workshop to create origami and fabric stars for this exhibition, alongside other artists also included in this installation.

Come celebrate Matariki with us, a coming together of our community, in this cultural exhibition. Opening night Friday 1st July 5-7pm. Exhibition on until 30th July.

Festival of Photography ‘Disruption, Through the Internal Lens’

The term ‘Disruption’ embodies various associations, physical, environmental, political and mental.

Our awards exhibition for this year’s Festival of Photography ‘Disruption, Through the Internal Lens’ implies the affects disruption has on our mental state. The internal world of the human condition is expansive and undisclosed. Life’s disruptions can perturb our inner selves altering our subsequent physical demeanor. Imagery in this exhibition connote to a psychological variation of the theme Disruption.

To view the winners and judges comments click link below

Judges comments





Colin & Luigi

Colin Harris is a prolific artist who has been a part of various exhibitions.
Jointly, he has exhibited with local artist Jeff Thomson, and has exhibited as an artist of Mapura Studios. Colin was awarded the Wallace Foundation Artist scholarship in 2019.
Luigi Angeli, a good friend of Colin’s, is a chef yet uses his free time investing into his personal art practice.
This show will be a display of individual artists works, and collaborative pieces by both artists.
Opening event 6th May 5-7pm, please come and join the celebration!

‘The Portrait’ Members Exhibition


Our first members show of the year ‘The Portrait’ is a tribute to the long standing tradition of portraiture in art.
Although it presents the obvious head and shoulders, portraiture can take on many alternative forms. Through the lens of abstraction, sculpture, everyday life, innate objects…the list goes on.
Come down in April to see our members interpretation of The Portrait.
Opening night Friday 8th April 5-7pm!
We have a month of workshops to coincide with the exhibition, please check out ‘Workshops’ on our website for details.


Helensville Art Trail

Helensville Art Trail has become an attraction for our local community. Twelve artists hold open studios on the third Sunday of every month and this has now become a popular event.
This collaborative exhibition of twelve artists will bring together diverse practices, and allow the public to view studios coming together as one body.
The Gallery hours will extend for this one exhibition only! Sundays are included 10-2pm


Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner’s art work is emblematic to the cubist movement, yet tease more of a Vorticistic quality with abstract shapes being confined to the middle of the canvas.

Although heavily sculptural and stagnating figurative elements are present, there is movement with the directional use of tone and morphing of separate forms.

‘…for Pound there was a more specific – if obscure – meaning: ‘[The vortex was] that point in the cyclone where energy cuts into space and imparts form to it … the pattern of angles and geometric lines which is formed by our vortex in the existing chaos.’ Ezra Pound in a 1915 interview for the Russian journal Strelets, quoted in Rylands, ‘Introduction’, p. 23.

There is something indulgent and excitable about Turner’s paintings. Reminiscent of childhood pleasures playing in a ‘ball pit’. The unthreatening and overwhelming flood of light primary coloured plastic balls. That same joyous nature is intrinsic to Turner’s work; it is a visual swim in a pool of ‘popping candy’ delights.

A builder by profession and having trained in a carving workshop, Turner adds to his artistic repertoire sculpture. Most recently he has turned his paintings into 3d wood carvings. Some of which will be included in this show.

Previous exhibitions include Art Space in 1995, various shows in Auckland, murals in Leigh and international showing in Ko Phang Ghan Thailand, and Raratonga.

2nd – 26th February 2022

Jeff Thomson ‘French Knit’

Jeff Thomson’s body of work called ‘French ‘Knit’, uses the process of French knitting however transferred into sculpture form using the artists recognizable medium. Metal.

This exhibition contemporizes the traditional methods of knitting, using his own hand built French knit tool Jeff signifies this practice in his own interpretive approach.

26th – 29th January 2022