Kiri and Yvonne

01 Nov 2023


The work of Kiri Abraham, and Yvonne Abercrombie
Abercrombie, a pickler to painter, Abraham cultivator to contemporary mark maker - their works couldn’t be more diverse. However there is a kindred response to natural elements influencing both practices. This exhibition celebrates the fundamental roots of existence, humanistic and landscape.
Like a devout forager, Kiri seeks earthly provisions for each process in her work, from material used to the homage of the work itself being imbued in the birth and decay of creation.
Edible textures and resplendent colours, Yvonne’s oil painting embodies the permissive pleasures of nature. There is an ingenuous candor in the respect of self and body, and a semblance of flowers and verdure.
Exhibition curated by local acknowledged artist Jeffrey Thomson.
8th November until 2nd of December, opening evening 10th November 5-7pm all welcome.

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