Diana Peel Exhibition

Artist Diana Peel will be having an exhibition of her work at our temporary location, ‘The Schoolhouse’ at Helensville Museum.

Dates are 8th February – 4th March 2023


Our Aotearoa


We are combining forces with Kumeu Arts!!!

Our lovely neighboring Art Centre, Kumeu Arts, have opened their gallery doors to include our members of Art Kaipara in their January/February 2023 exhibition. Art Centre Helensville will be closed until March 8th 2023 due to construction on the building, we are grateful to Kumeu Arts for being accommodating so we can continue to have an exhibition while closed.

What a fun way to collaborate! If you are a member of Art Kaipara and you would like to enter works into this exhibition, please fill out the entry form below and email kumeuarts@gmail.com, or manager@artcentrehelensville.org.nz.

OUR AOTEAROA Entry form 20223 (2)

Scorched Earth

We have an exciting event around the corner!
A pop up exhibition curated by Sean Thompson.
Works are emblematic of environmental changes specific to our local region, artists Sean Thompson, Hannah Rose Arnold and Katie Arnold will be representing these thematic concerns through their given medium.
Opening night 11th November 5-7pm! Exhibition one week only from 9-12 November
‘In Scorched Earth, three emerging artists from the small rural town of Te Awaroa Helensville utilize printmaking, photography, sculpture and installation to interrogate the area’s social and environmental histories.
Through the deconstruction of local colonial iconography, the artists confront the idolization of colonial past in the face of ongoing environmental degradation. By exploring how connections to the land influence our sense of place, this exhibition considers the powerful role of landscape in shaping identity.(ST)

Cash and Carry

It’s that time of year again! Our popular annual Cash and Carry exhibition is a huge hit. With all artwork priced under $250, it is a perfect way to treat someone with a unique gift for Christmas.




Mike Rowland

Local realist painter Mike Rowland is is well known to the community being one of the Arts Trail artists.
Mike has an incredible skill set that draws on the great masters such as Edouard Vuillard and Manet, yet incorporating a unique compositional style denoting a fantastical world not quite unlike the surrealists.
In a recent visit to Mike’s studio I felt like I was walking through a modern surreal version of the Sistine Chapel!
Mike Rowlands solo exhibition at Art Centre Helensville will be an ethereal experience and not one to miss!


Susannah Connolly $120 ea

Camille Howie $95 ea

Colin Harris (Jeff Thomson collaboration) left $250 ea, Rachel Clarke right $20-$60

Jane Combellack $65 (L) $95 (R)

Jo Dixey $150 ea

David Bailey $20 ea prints ($150 ea original’s)

Jeff Thomson NFS

Raywin Cruickshank $150 ea

Kevin Widdowson (L) Ian Sangster (R) prices $10-$85

Pauline Denton $15 ea

Thomas Hogan (R)

$40 ea

Jack Down (L) $30 ea Robbie Sangster (R) $30-$60

Robert Jackson (L) $20 ea Colin Harris (R) $200 lrg $75 sm

Jodie Allen $150 ea

Angus Ward $5-$65

Denise Turner $16 ea

Sandy Sturges (L) $5 ea


Helene Bloomfield $80 $65 $39




Jan Backhurst

Colin Harris $45

Jane Combellack $65

Jeff Thomson $100

Jago Neal $90

Jeff Thomson $100

Emma Springford-Gough $100

Anna Steedman

Ruth Sumner

Colin Harris $65

Storyboard members exhibition


Storyboard is commonly used in comic drawings and in film. A scene or an idea is worked out over a series of captions giving the viewer an idea of the narrative. In terms of our exhibition it is giving the viewers and idea of what the artists practice is about by displaying their work in this format.

What does ‘Storyboard’ mean for our member artists?

The theme ‘Storyboard’ fits into all art practices. This member’s exhibition gives the artist an opportunity to present their work as a ‘body’. It is valuable in terms of future prospects of working towards a solo exhibition. Solo exhibitions are generally a series of work displaying an ‘idea’ the artist has had, and presenting a ‘body’ of works representing this idea.

Our exhibition ‘Storyboard’ is just that, but on a much smaller scale. It is a good way to see the artists work in a series.










Cindy Vida ‘Dawn Series’

Cindy Vida lives in Waimauku as an artist and author with her cat Milly. She has three amazing kids who have all grown up and flown the nest. Cindy was selected for the Titirangi Community Arts Council Emerging Artists Awards 2010. She has taught for over 15 years, primarily the west region of Auckland.

Her painting style is contemporary oil landscapes. Cindy say’s of her work;

“I’m a lover of people, nature and simplicity. My pieces are intrinsically connected to my sense of wellbeing, my mental health journey and my faith. I am fully alive to colour and movement when I paint and when I do paint it comes from a place of pure joy. Painting is my bones…I need to paint…I see potential paintings in everything I observe around me. I like to study nature and especially the way unusual colours rub up alongside one another. A concept tends to brew with me over a long period of time and then it all comes out in a mighty rush where I feel like I’ve just given birth to a body of work.”

Cindy’s new ‘Dawn’ Series came after a very difficult season battling with depression. The series was birthed from waking early in the morning and driving around the local area noticing the first dawn light, new colours and stimulating new hope.